Donte Whitner Changes Name To Stick It To NFL

San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner is changing his name to Donte Hitner. Clearly still butthurt about his week 4 fine for the hit he put on Rams wideout Chris Givins, the move just screams middle finger at the NFL.

Per Whitner’s (name change not official yet!) twitter:



He’s also selling t-shirts or something to protest.

No offense to Whitner, because I’m contractually-bound to support every former Ohio State Buckeye in the NFL, but there have to be better ways to protest the NFL’s crackdown on hard-nosed football. Start a petition or something. Write a scathing think piece for a classy blog.

Just know that, if you have a serious gripe, there are better mediums through which to vent than hashtag t-shirts.

Gif: Bleacher Report