This Clown Named ‘Doo Doo’ Who Was Honored For Bravery Might Forever Change Your Perception Of Clowns

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While many people tend to be afraid of clowns, here’s one who may have just saved lives. Shane Farberman, also known as “Doo Doo the Clown,” witnessed a man savagely attacking two women in downtown Toronto Sunday afternoon in broad daylight. At the time, Doo Doo was coming from a party he had worked with two other clowns — one of whom was a pregnant woman — who were also both in the car. Seeing the pandemonium unfolding, the clown (who famously appeared in 1995’s Billy Madison) quickly sprang into action.

“I remember pulling up as fast as I can screaming, ‘Get in, get in!’ and I know that I am a clown and I had a car full of clowns, but these ladies ran and jumped into the back,” said Doo Doo in a phone interview with CBC News.

For his quick thinking, Doo Doo was honored at Toronto City Hall Monday afternoon by Councilman Norm Kelly, who awarded the clown with a scroll recognizing his act of bravery. “You’ve given an additional definition to the word ‘clown,’ ” Kelly stated. “You weren’t clowning around. You were acting decisively and bravely.”

Here’s the terrifying dash-cam footage recording the moment Doo Doo pulled the women into his car:

(Via CBC)

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