Dr. Drew Had It Out With Nancy Grace Over Her Ridiculous ‘#Pot2Blame?’ Argument

Nancy Grace is fighting a losing battle against the legalization of marijuana. We know this. Nancy Grace knows this. But even after getting hilariously destroyed by 2 Chainz earlier this month, she’s not about to go down without a self righteous, indignant fight. So last night she had NORML’s Norm Kent and Dr. Drew Pinsky on her show, and once again she attempted to make the argument that marijuana is the evil drug every bad 1980s after school special warned you about.

First up was Norm Kent, who tells her that her “argument is not real because [she] takes isolated instances of aberrant behavior and [tries] to make them standardized for all marijuana users,” to which Nancy Grace maturely shot back, “I was really just looking for an answer to the question, but obviously you’re stoned.”

Later, she spars with Dr. Drew Pinsky on whether or not consuming marijuana edibles were to blame in the case of a Denver man killing his wife last year, conveniently ignoring the argument that he may have been ingesting the marijuana as a way to cope with the symptoms of withdrawal from prescription drugs.

But again, even if the edible had been the cause of a man killing his wife, as Kent previously stated this would be one of those “isolated instances of aberrant behavior.” If marijuana becomes legalized, I’m pretty sure DUI homicides will still outnumber THC-fueled murder sprees by like a million percent, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to ban alcohol.

Anyway, if you have ten minutes to spare and want to watch a screeching harpy grasping at straws, have at it.

Via The Wrap