Dr. Oz Made A Creepy Campaign Promise That Involves Being In Bed With Him And We’re All Going To Need Intensive Therapy Now

In case you haven’t noticed, Dr. Mehmet Oz is creepy AF. He is also generally full of sh*t. Yes, those are official diagnoses from some of his peers. The TV show quack, who has long been known for his questionable medical advice, is taking a break from weirding out TV viewers to instead make voters in the state of Pennsylvania uncomfortable. And he did a great job of it with this short clip, which is presented with very little context, but really: is much context needed?

While being interviewed by Fox News, Dr. Oz assured voters that he never wants to let them down. “So when you go to bed at night, and put your head on that soft pillow, you know Oz will be doing exactly what you want him to do if you were there next to him.”

Even if we put aside the illeism, there are still many questions here. Chief among them: Is Oz in bed with us in this scenario? Never mind, we don’t want to know the answer. But plenty of other people were just as creeped out by his political pitch.