Dr. Oz’s Explanation For Mispronouncing The Name Of A Popular PA Grocery Chain Is That He Can’t Even Remember The Names Of His Own Kids Sometimes

Dr. Oz wants you to know he’s really relatable, okay?

Just because he calls vegetable plates “crudites,” mispronounces the name of a popular Pennsylvania grocery chain, and lives in a New Jersey mansion instead of the state he’s campaigning to govern doesn’t mean he’s an elitist millionaire who can’t commune with the common folk. And to prove it, he’s going on Newsmax to moan about how exhausted he is and how hard it is for him to remember his own children’s names.

Oz dropped by the network to explain his very public, very embarrassing grocery store gaffe to host Shaun Kraisman this week. For anyone who hasn’t seen the video, Oz visited a local Wegman’s where he seemed appalled that crudites (what regular working-class Americans would call a vegetable platter) now cost $20 a pop. His opponent, John Fetterman, has had some fun at the TV doctor’s expense, even fundraising off the now infamous video, but the people of Pennsylvania aren’t as forgiving, especially because Oz mispronounced a beloved cultural staple in their great state.

When asked why he called Wegmans “Wegners,” Oz tried to deflect by pivoting to his stale campaign talking points. But, when Kraisman just wouldn’t let up, the Republican hopeful blamed long hours and a short memory for his blasphemous blunder.

“I was exhausted, ” Oz told Kraisman. “When you’re campaigning 18 hours a day … Listen, I’ve gotten my kids’ names wrong as well. I don’t think that’s a measure of someone’s ability to lead the Commonwealth.”

Umm, we’d argue that being able to retain and recall vital information is actually an extremely relevant indicator of whether a person can (and should) hold office, but, way to dumb yourself down for the vote there, Dr. Oz. Celebrities, they’re just like us.