John Fetterman Scorched Dr. Oz For Filming His Latest Campaign Video From His (New Jersey) Mansion

Dr. Mehmet Oz can’t stop giving John Fetterman massive openings to roast him as their Pennsylvania senate race heats up. The TV doctor’s biggest liability is the fact that he’s barely a PA resident, so it was a huge blunder for Oz to film his latest campaign from his mansion in New Jersey.

In the video, Oz attacks Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney for being understandably concerned and worn down by gun violence following a shooting at a July 4th fireworks display. Like most Democrats, Kenney is in support of gun control legislation, which Oz criticized to curry favor with Republican voters in the state. (Oz played the greatest hits of GOP gun rhetoric by accusing Kenney and Fetterman of “putting criminals ahead of the community.”) However, Oz fired off his attack from his home that isn’t even in the state, and Fetterman was quick to latch onto that fact.

“Pro tip: don’t film an ad for your PA senate campaign from your mansion in New Jersey,” Fetterman tweeted along with a screenshot of a People article on Oz’s Jersey home.

It was a successful hit by Fetterman, who had recently landed another solid blow against Oz by highlighting that the TV doctor has been distancing himself from Trump after using the former president to win the primary. As for Oz’s attempts to fight back, the best he could come up with was a lame dictionary graphic that says the definition of John Fetterman is a “Bernie Sanders socialist.”

(Via John Fetterman on Twitter)