Drake And Josh Used The VMAs To To Prove To The World That Their Feud Has Ended

Fans of Nickelodeon were shocked to find out that Josh Peck had neglected to invite Drake Bell to his wedding, leading to an apparent feud between the two former co-stars and television brothers. It became pretty public from the start, with Bell posted a pair of shocked tweets that were later deleted and even John Stamos getting involved to seemingly twist the knife a bit. As Bell revealed in an interview, the wedding photos and apparent feud shocked him, as did the viral nature of the situation.

Luckily, it seems that all is well now and both men buried whatever hatchet they had while attending the VMAs last Sunday. Peck filmed the moment for his latest video blog and posted a touching photo of the two hugging each other and putting an end to any animosity that might’ve existed, if it ever actually existed in the first. The entire situation had a definite “miscommunication” feel to it instead of any real malice, but it’s still nice to clear the air for all the people who seemed truly concerned by it.

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Even John Stamos got involved in the love fest, suggesting that they all start the wedding over again — even if it is only so he can go back to sniping at both of them from the outskirts.

The pair finished out the week by using their apparent split as fodder for a video with David Dobrick, joking that the entire love fest is just for show and they still actually hate each other. The seed of doubt has now been planted, so the only proper thing to do is to show up at the Emmys and hug for everybody to see once again. Prove that Drake Bell doesn’t actually believe he and Peck come from the same mother.

(Via Vulture)