Dude Builds Robot That Can…Play Coin Dozer App All Day? (Video)

07.14.11 8 years ago

If I had to choose between A) robots playing iPhone game apps, and B) robots tracking me down using semi trucks a’ la John Connor, I suppose I’d pick that first one there -and apparently Youtube user Stijntjhe feels the same way. That’s why the kid has built a functioning robot (finger?) that can play Coin Dozer all day long on an iPhone. No really, that’s all it does: it taps up and down on the touchscreen, all day long, just racking up point after point after point. On his Youtube page, there’s a brief explanation of the build explaining that he used a “stripped electrolytic capacitor connected to a wire.” However I absolutely believe that somehow black magic was also involved.

So, I guess anytime someone fabricates a faux finger to play their video games for them, it must mean a step in the right direction? Or it could just mean that the inventor was extremely bored, with a lot of time on their hands. How should I know? I’m just the regular Gamma Squad proctologist.

Video after the jump:

[via technabob]

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