Duke Nukem Forever To Feature…Turds?

If there’s one thing about modern shooters that troubles us all, it’s a total lack of ability to pick up our dumps and throw them at people. Thank God Gearbox has addressed this problem in our time.
As you may have guessed, Duke hasn’t changed much in the intervening decade and a half, something these two trailers are almost too gleeful in illustrating. On the other hand, I’m forced to admit that I laughed my ass off, especially at Duke’s whining in the second trailer where you can torture him with…well…I’ll let you see for yourself.
Check out that and how Duke uses an alien with a jetpack on the next slides.

Here’s my question: can Duke use his Mighty Foot instead of his fist?

I’m glad the game will continue to display the same taste and class it’s been known for.
[ via the sanitary gentlemen at PC Gamer ]