Dumbest Guy Ever Fakes His Own Kidnapping For $200 Ransom From His Mother

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04.24.14 4 Comments

Knox County Sheriff's Office

Twenty-five year-old Zachery Logsdon from Knoxville, Tennessee faked his own kidnapping earlier this month, when he texted his mother claiming that drug dealers would kill him if she didn’t give them a $200 ransom. I’ll tell ya, in this economy young people just don’t think they’re worth anything these days. The NY Daily News reports:

“Of course she didn’t believe him,” Knoxville Police Officer Darrell DeBusk told the Daily News. “He had done that previously … She said he does have a drug problem and has had one for quite some time.”

Logsdon is allegedly hooked on heroin and pain pills. His mom repeatedly asked if he was telling the truth but she never sent the cash. She called 911.

Police set up a drop-off point for the money with Logsdon’s supposed kidnapper over the phone. He showed up to collect but fled as soon as he saw a cop.

Police quickly caught Logsdon, who was arrested and charged with filing a false report and resisting arrest. I like the part of the story that his mother was tipped off that it was a hoax because he totally did it once before. Someone should send this guy a copy of Ransom before he goes for third time’s the charm. Gary Sinese can SELL that sh*t.

And on that note, I’ll just leave this right here:

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