This Guy’s Texts Go From Zero To Insane And Make A Case For Digital Breakups


Back in the olden days, if someone didn’t want to face the person they were dumping, they could send a letter. Of course, that’s not always the most reliable method, and there’s the danger of someone not receiving the message. The letter could get lost, the person could decide not to reply, or perhaps their reply ended up in a puddle of mud. Then came telephones, which made for some awkward silences followed by anger, tears, or even — so satisfying — a slammed receiver.

Finally, there was the invention of email, which was also inconvenient. Because if one’s cowardly enough to break up over the internet, then they don’t want to compose paragraphs. That’s too much work! So, texting became the preferred way to dump someone that you simply cannot face. This provided for a digital conversation in real time, and it allowed people to type things they otherwise wouldn’t dare say. Tapping out insults through the tears is something many a drunk person has done, and this guy was hopefully liquored up, or perhaps he’s simply a terrible person. One Imgur user says this guy was really “nice” until he received the bad news.

So far, he’s slightly civil. He asks for reasons and should stop there.

Yes, things are starting to get ugly. The insults start to fly.

He’s quickly reaching the point of no return and sees no reason to quit. This only gets worse with each passing text. He can’t stop!

Surely, this guy wasn’t aiming to “win” this woman back by insulting her looks. In reality, he was probably thrilled to receive the initial text from her and grew nasty in short order. Being dumped exposed his true personality, and this dude was not a nice guy after all.

(Via BroBible)