Dustin Diamond Will Likely Testify On His Own Behalf At His Stabbing Trial

Dustin Diamond And Amanda Schutz Further Proceedings
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Dustin Diamond’s trial for allegedly stabbing a guy at a bar in Wisconsin last Christmas has not been without its hiccups. Back in March, it came out that Diamond’s lawyer was trying to suppress testimony of a witness who claims Diamond threatened to stab him at a different bar earlier in the day, prior to the stabbing incident. Then, just earlier this week, that same lawyer got in trouble for decorating his vehicle in support of the former Saved by the Bell actor.

Things don’t seem like they’ll get better anytime soon because, according to Page Six, Diamond is expected to testify on his own behalf. Page Six also has some additional details as to how the trial is going so far:

The man who was stabbed, Casey Smet, testified Thursday, saying he didn’t know he had been stabbed until after he left the bar and was talking to police. The 25-year-old said he and Diamond fought, but he couldn’t remember why.

Diamond’s defense attorney has maintained that no one saw Diamond stab Smet and footage of the altercation is murky.

That actually sounds kind of promising on his behalf, except for the part where he gets up on the stand to testify because, as we know, Dustin Diamond isn’t the best at explaining his actions. Maybe he’ll blame it on his ghost-stabber?