E3 2014: ‘Far Cry 4’ Debuts Its First Five Minutes And A Gameplay Video

Far Cry 3 was a surprisingly well-done open world FPS: It mixed an uneasy atmosphere and excessive violence to superb effect. And it looks like Far Cry 4 is going to stick with the theme.

This opening five minutes is essentially just a cut scene to introduce the main bad guy of the game, Pagan Min, absolute ruler of Kyrat, which seems to be a cross between Nepal and Afghanistan. He’s also going to feel a little familiar, considering he’s an absolutely insane bad guy who has a thing for selfies and rambling insane monologues; the parallels between Min and Vaas are pretty obvious. Oddly, Ubisoft is basing this villain somewhat on a real person, which is a difference from Vaas. Or at least we hope so.

Oh, also, you’re apparently not playing a white frat boy this time, but Ajay Ghale, a guy who just wants to fulfill the dying wish of his mother and is getting dragged into an ugly war for his trouble. So that’s an improvement, at least.

The gameplay itself is largely more tweaked than anything else, but there are plenty of fun new features to play with, as Ubisoft demonstrated:

So it’s not reinventing the wheel, even if the elephants are going to be highly entertaining to inflict on outposts. But if nothing else, at least Far Cry 4 will have a fun villain; we’ll be able to see him in action November 18th.