Early Panels: Three Comics To Look Forward To Tomorrow

What three comics look like the most fun tomorrow?

Hellboy In Hell #1

Not to ruin anything from previous series, but as you might guess, the last Hellboy story did not end very well for our stony-handed hero. Now he’s in hell, and he’s got to figure out how to either get back or at least not suffer in Mike Mignola’s idea of the worst Hell has to offer. Which is the other reason to pick this up: Mike Mignola is writing and drawing his most popular creation again.








I Love Trouble #1

No, Image has not adapted the terrible Nick Nolte/Julia Roberts action movie into a comic book. It’s a simple premise, but a killer one: A scam artist discovers that she has the ability to teleport. As you might guess from the title, she does not immediately decide that she needs to use her abilities for the good of mankind, but rather to steal stuff. It can go a lot of directions, and we’ll be curious to see which way Kel Symons, a movie producer new to comics, will take it.







Womanthology Space #3

This one doesn’t seem to have a cover available, so we’re using issue #2’s cover to fill in. But, marketing delays aside, it’s a fairly interesting book. This grew out of a popular Kickstarter, and it’s fairly similar to that book. Like any anthology series, some entries are stronger than others, but overall, the book has some fairly interesting comics on tap.

Here’s the full list of what’s coming out tomorrow: Take a look and tell us what book you’re most looking forward to.

Also, check in with our Pull List column tomorrow: We’ll have, in addition to the usual list and overview, reviews of Before Watchmen: Comedian, Before Watchmen: Minutemen, and Detective Comics #15.