Early Panels: Three Comics We’re Looking Forward To Tomorrow

Anthologies, Shakespearean heroes, and a joke DC is trying to turn into a real hero are the three books we’re most looking forward to this week.

Vibe #1
Vibe was a joke, and for excellent reason. When he was introduced, he was largely a symbol of how out of touch and clueless DC editorial was about the people they were trying to reach. George Perez infamously hated him so much, he deliberately only drew his legs as he fell off the edge of the panel in JLA/Avengers.

So DC deciding to not just bring Vibe back, but give him his own monthly series, feature him in Justice League, and put him on a team book, Justice League of America is… gutsy, certainly. But we trust Geoff Johns, and if nothing else, DC is substantially more racially sensitive than it was nearly thirty years ago.

DC has sent us an issue, which we’ll read shortly, and we’ll have a review posted tomorrow in the Pull List.





Kill Shakespeare: Tide Of Blood #1

The basic idea of this book is that Romeo, Juliet, Hamlet and Othello team up to go around bumping off classic Shakespearean antagonists like Richard III and pursuing a wizard exerting control over their lives. One guess who that is.

It’s essentially Classics Illustrated gone hilariously, horribly wrong. It’s also crammed full of little gags and riffs on Shakespeare while being a fairly action-heavy book, so regardless of how literary you are, you can enjoy it.

Now Conor McCreery and Andy Berlanger are back, and this time, the team is after Prospero. Heh, sold.




Dark Horse Presents #21

This book consistently earns its eight dollar price (of note, it’s eighty pages, so it’s not like you don’t get value for your money), and this month looks to be no exception. Michael Avon Oeming has more Victories, Alabaster from Caitlin R. Kiernan continues, Neil Gaiman and Paul Chadwick team up on a story called The Day The Saucers Came… we always look forward to this one, and this is no exception.








What’s the one book you’re looking forward to this week? Take a look at the full list and let us know.