‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ Has A Final Trailer With Less Tom Cruise Face-Shooting

We freely admit, we’ve been joking about Tom Cruise’s repeated death as the selling point of this movie perhaps a little too much. Either way, the marketing team has decided to de-emphasize that part in favor of the inevitable love story this movie will have for the bored girlfriends all marketing teams believe attend action movies.

If you somehow thought Emily Blunt wasn’t going to die horribly in the third act of this movie, well, this trailer is probably going to force you to face reality. Also, somehow they found a worse pop song than the low-key dubstep for the first one:

It’s a little annoying that they’re going with the cliched dead girlfriend angle. Come on, can’t the girlfriend survive just once in a movie like this? At least she gets to beat the ever-loving crap out of Tom Cruise before she checks out of the movie.

Either way, we’ll still see this. Early word is actually pretty good, and Doug Liman, while utterly crazy, always delivers a fun action movie. And we do admit, seeing Tom Cruise get hit by a truck, while running, is a key selling point.

Video via ENI