Elon Musk, Who Owns Twitter, Is Now The Most-Followed Person On Twitter — But He Lost His Biggest Fan

Elon Musk is the most-followed person on Twitter, and all it took to get there was buying Twitter. As of Thursday morning, Musk has 133.088 million followers on the social media platform that he is slowly destroying. That’s slightly more than the previous most-followed account, Barack Obama, with his 133.042 million followers (although as Variety notes, these numbers are “according to the public counters operated by Twitter, which Musk owns”).

Musk would be celebrating the achievement, if he hadn’t lost his biggest fan.

Catturd, the anonymous Florida man who Rolling Stone described as the sh*tposting king of MAGA Twitter,” is fed up with some of the changes to Twitter. “Let me get this straight… I can’t scroll through my replies or home page without seeing tons of ads. So basically, advertisers get to advertise directly to my 1.6 million followers without paying me a dime. Not only that, I have to pay Twitter $11 per month who gets 100% of the advertising dollars.”

He continued, “Then, they ban my account for a day for warning the public about potential violence – and while I’m suspended and can’t use my own account, advertisers still were doing ads in my replies. Seems fair. Did I miss anything?” One of Catturd’s 1.6 million followers tagged Musk and asked for a comment. He’s yet to respond.

How will Musk respond to the glasses-wearing poop feline calling him out? By making Twitter worse, probably. “Looking into it.”