Emily Ratajkowski Addressed The Assumption That She’s Been Dating Pete Davidson And Eric Andre To ‘Get… Back’ At Her Ex

Emily Ratajkowski can’t help but attract attention everywhere she goes. However, she did point the finger at the paparazzi for making her dating life awkward when she was photographed with Eric Andre and Taco Bell spokesperson extraordinaire Pete Davidson. As to the latter, that was particularly a bummer (though I’m not speaking for Emily) because she previously told the world why ladies dig him. As Emily has also revealed (largely on her podcast, High Low with EmRata), she’s enjoying casual dating after divorcing Sebastian Bear-McClard in September 2022.

Emily would like the world to know, however, that none of her dating life has to do with Sebastian. She had previously told Tommy Dorfman that divorce is a much better thing than staying “unhappily married for a very long time,” and on a similar note, Emily told podcast guest Amber Rose that she finds it amusing when people (including one of her friends) think that her dating choices are about some type of revenge against her ex. Here’s that exchange, courtesy of ET Canada:

“Oh my god. I mean, my friend, she was like, ‘Oh damn, like you’ve been really getting your ex back, and I was like, ‘It’s so funny you say that because I’m not trying to,'” explained the model and entrepreneur.

“‘I’m just like living my life,’ because I was responsible for that person for so long and thought about them so much, all I wanna do is not have to consider them or think about them, so even when it comes to like getting them back, I’m like, ‘That’s exhausting. That would be me putting more energy towards them. Why would I do that?’

Rose shared the sentiment while declaring that she’s not going to “date people that I don’t want to date,” and “I don’t have to go and have a one up.” She called that “fake” and “not real life,” especially since “I just got out of a really, really sh*tty relationship.” That seems to be going around these days, and given that Amber Rose has experience with dating a piece of work, I’ll accept that she knows of what she speaks.

(Via ET Canada & High Low With EmRata)