Emily Ratajkowski Dropped Some Hints About Why She Looked So Awkward While Dating Pete Davidson (And Eric Andre)

Emily Ratajkowski made a lot of headlines in November 2021 with her theory on why Pete Davidson dates so many gorgeous ladies. Fast forward about a year, and Emily filed from divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard and whaddya know, the stunning model started dating Pete Davidson. This was the kind of news that felt like it should be exciting, but then the above image surfaced, and the pair looked awkward at best. A Knicks game is not the best place to get to know each other, perhaps? Emily didn’t seem too into it (nor was Ben Stiller looking particularly blown over ^^^ about the pairing), and Emily and Pete went their separate ways a few month later.

No one knew why this was the case, although it was speculated that her subsequent public reference to strong women could provide fodder. From there, Emily went on to date Eric Andre, which also seemed like something to get excited about, but in TMZ’s coverage of the event, their public debut also showed Emily looking less than thrilled. What gives? Emily delivered some insight on her High Low with EmRata podcast while chatting with guest Tommy Dorfman. As she hints, she wants to date casually, but she also knows that other dudes that she happens to be seeing are, well, seeing paparazzi photos of her out with other dudes. It makes her feel uncomfortable, via PEOPLE:

“It’s been really hard because basically, any time I go on another date, everybody knows, so the other guys I’m dating see it, and it has been kind of difficult because of course they’re like, ‘Oh, didn’t talk to her last night,’ and then you know, there’s pictures of me out to dinner with someone else.”

“They know exactly where I’m at even with things that I don’t necessarily want to share, and they don’t necessarily want to know,” she continued. “So, that’s been a whole other aspect of just trying to keep things casual and also be cognizant of people’s feelings, and that’s been kind of tricky to navigate.”

That makes sense, although it must be noted that Eric Andre at least appeared to enjoy his date with Emily, even if she can’t get comfy being so public with dates these days. Emily also revealed, however, that she has no regrets about getting divorced. As she told Dorfman, she doesn’t see divorce as a “a sad thing” because “I know a lot of people who are unhappily married for a very long time because they’re so afraid of divorce and I don’t think that’s a good way to live.” So when she hears that people are getting divorced, she thinks, “Good for you.” She needs to bottle that advice and sell it.