Emma Stone Learned She Was A ‘Basic Bitch’ By Googling Herself

04.21.14 4 years ago 11 Comments


If you asked 100 people why they adore Emma Stone with a passion of a million Emma Stone GIFs, the second most popular answer, behind only, “She’s really good in in Marmaduke,” would be, “She seems like such a normal person.” She freaks out over celebrities…JUST LIKE US. She hearts Bill Murray…JUST LIKE US. She’s a “huge computer nerd”…JUST LIKE US. Her profile in this month’s Vogue will do nothing to dissuade the notion that she’s Hollywood’s #1 Most Relatable Actress.

She is the rare person in public life who will straight up tell you that yes, she has Googled herself. “I don’t usually like what I find,” she says. “But some of it is really funny.” Stone mentions Internet comments that referred to her as a “Bland Basic Bitch,” which was probably meant as a dig, but she found it hilarious, to the point that at dinner she now begins to refer to herself as “That Bland Basic Bitch.” (Via)

Here’s how the think tank at Urban Dictionary describe “basic bitch”: “a bum-ass woman who think she the sh*t but really ain’t.”


Don’t take it personally, Emma. Like the song says, you’re nobody ’till somebody on the Internet calls you an alliterative term for “people like Sienna Miller.”

Via US Weekly

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