Emmerich’s “Singularity” Shut Down Because It Stinks?

We’ve got to give “Singularity” credit; the plot itself is pretty much the Incredible Hulk TV show (man gets powers he never wanted, has to run from people who want to exploit him), but the basic concept, of a dude uploaded to a swarm of nanobots, is incredibly awesome. In fact, why is this a movie, Sony? Why isn’t this a video game?

Anyway, Roland Emmerich, the man who built his current career on remaking “Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers”, was up to screen tests before somebody at Sony read the script and said “Er, yeah, this is terrible. Let’s not spend any more real money on it until it’s not terrible.”

So, somehow this was worse than his previous disaster movies that got climate change science hilariously wrong. Honestly, we’re having a little trouble accepting this is possible.

[ via the macrobots at Blastr ]