#EndFathersDay Is The 4Chan Joke That Turned Into Typical Twitter Outrage

Thanks to Twitter, it’s hard to tell the difference between things that are real and serious anymore. For example, did you know there’s a guy in Illinois suing his city’s mayor and police department because they arrested him over a parody account? Hell, I don’t even know if that story is real because it’s just impossible to know what’s real or fake anymore. So when #EndFathersDay rocketed to the front page of Twitter’s trends today, it was only reasonable to expect that people were freaking the f*ck out over the idea that feminists were actually trying to develop a movement to end the annual national celebration of patriarchal oppression. Too bad the whole thing’s a big, dumb joke.

Brought to us by the Internet’s greatest pranksters at 4Chan, #EndFathersDay had only one purpose and that was to mock the ever-loving hell out of both feminists and especially people who believe everything they see on the Internet. And even though we know that this thing is a hoax, it’s still going strong and actually moved from 6th on the Trends list to 4th in the time that it took me to string these words together into sentences.

Let’s check out some outrage and/or next level mockery, shall we? Try to decide if each of these Tweets is real or fake, but just know that either way, a ton of people are furious over them.

That’s some damn fine Friday trollin’, Twitter.