Epic Mickey 2 Exists and Is Going to Have Lots of Singing

03.21.12 7 years ago 4 Comments

It’s been a pretty poorly kept secret for a while that Warren Spector’s next game was going to be Epic Mickey 2, and now it’s been confirmed by the man himself — Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is in development for the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

According to Spector the game will deliver improved controls and drop-in 2-player co-op. Oh, and also it’s going to be a musical. Yup, a musical. How exactly a platformer/musical is going to work in gameplay terms I’m not sure — hopefully they can come up with something other than tired rhythm game button presses for the musical sections.

It’ll be interesting to see if Epic Mickey 2 can do big business now that it’s gone multiplatform. A lot of the first game’s hype was generated by the fact that it was a rare original 3rd party game somebody put more than half their ass into on the Wii. Now that it’s no longer Wii exclusive, will Xbox and Playstation fans put down their various shootery things and give an E-rated platformer a chance? Will Nintendo fans give a s–t now that it’s no longer exclusive? We shall see.

Speaking of seeing, you can check out some Epic Mickey 2 screenshots after the jump…

via San Francisco Chronicle

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