Even Honest Trailers Is Sick Of ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s 3’

The Honest Trailers team generally has affection for their subjects. Heck, they even liked the original Five Nights at Freddy’s. But it seems the franchise has worn out its welcome with Smosh, just slightly.

This honest trailer essentially points out that the games are just jerking us around at this point, with the series coasting on “lore” and the puzzles relying on the kind of trial-and-error and moon logic from the bad old days of The 7th Guest. Here’s how you get the good ending, to give you an idea of how elaborate it is. So, yeah, maybe the franchise is running largely on pizza grease and cheap jump scares after six months of releases. And why, precisely, a sleazy horror museum needs to be airtight really should be explained better.

That said, they’ve got a point when they say a new one’s probably coming in six months, and we’ll all pay the $5 to play it anyway. Hey, we want to know who the Purple Man is, okay? Could it be Phone Guy? I bet it’s Phone Guy.