The Big, Dumb Boat That’s Been Stuck In The Suez Canal May (Or May Not) Be Finally Moving Again

After blocking the Suez Canal for almost an entire week, the Ever Given container ship appeared to be freed early Morning morning as salvage teams managed to move part of the ship away from the canal walls. Early reports claimed the boat had been refloated and was finally on its way to freedom, which would seemingly put an end to the logistical nightmare that was reportedly costing the shipping industry billions per day.

You’d think the Internet would be pleased that the world’s largest shipping lane was now reopened, but nope, people were having too much fun making boat memes and watching the drama unfold. Shortly after reports of the Ever Green being free started pouring in, #PutItBack started to trend as Twitter users demanded the boat get itself stuck again for the memes.

As efforts continued to keep the Ever Given afloat, Twitter probably should’ve been careful about what asked for because, sure enough, the boat got stuck again. According to Daily News Egypt, high winds pushed the Ever Given back into the walls of the canal. The Internet’s wish came true.

However, in a sign of how fluid this situation is, the Ever Given is reportedly moving again after temporarily getting stuck for the second time, and traffic has resumed in the Suez Canal following the six day ordeal. If things continue to move at this pace, the Internet will have to find another ship to fall in love with as the Ever Given sails into the Great Bitter Lake and out of our hearts…

(Via Daily News Egypt on Twitter)