Monster Children Are Giving YouTube Tutorials On How To Get Teachers Fired

Won’t somebody please think of the children…and STOP THEM.

Apparently the hot new trend in the grade school crowd is to record YouTube videos on how to get your teacher fired, not because they did anything wrong, but because you don’t like them. And if it means falsely accusing them of harassing you, hey, anything goes. Because children are monsters.

“What first happened is we got the suckiest teacher ever,” the other boy said. “I forgot her name … but she’s gone.”

The boys went on to describe a discipline system the teacher had in place. It was a common tactic that included a warning system, a small writing punishment for minor offenses all the way up to getting sent to the principal’s office.

“Anyway, how we got her fired…we just kept going to the principal’s office and telling her [the teacher] was harassing us,” one of the boys said, adding that they eventually told their parents as well at which point formal reports were filed. They also described having hidden cameras on their clothes. (Via)

There are dozens of these kinds of videos, but this one’s the most disturbing. No one that young should wear a fedora that douchey.

Via the Blaze