Ezra Miller Did Not (As Rumored) Get Punched In The Face By Austin Butler At A Tokyo Bar

Earlier this week, a rumor went viral that Elvis star Austin Butler punched Ezra Miller during a confrontation at a Tokyo bar. Turns out the whole thing never happened. According to now-deleted tweets from a pop culture publication, Miller had approached Butler after spotting him at the bar. The rumored encounter went south when Miller started shouting at Butler, which would be par for the course for The Flash actor who’s been the subject of numerous reports of erratic and allegedly violent behavior. However, this time, Miller is in the clear after TMZ did some digging and debunked the rumors:

Sources close to Austin tell TMZ the incident never happened, and Austin never even stepped foot in a pub during his time in Japan as the initial claims suggested.

Not to mention, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department tells TMZ they have no record of the incident.

Those rumors were quick to gain traction, in part due to Miller’s documented history of concerning behavior. On the same day the now-debunked Tokyo story went viral, Miller was the subject of a lengthy feature in Variety, which broke down the numerous allegations against the troubled star. For the first time, the young woman who Miller was captured on video choking and slamming into the ground in Iceland has shared her side of that encounter, and another woman in Germany has come forward with allegations of Miller terrorizing her after she asked the actor not to smoke in her apartment.

“I’m a maker of planets,” Miller allegedly told her. “Tobacco is sacred.”

(Via TMZ)