A Guy Got Totally Trolled In His Local Facebook Group For Complaining About Acorns On Sidewalks

Update: Fake! Cool story Eric Curtis.

Local neighborhood Facebook groups or apps like Nextdoor can be great if you’re looking for recommendations or need to sell a couch, but unfortunately — because we can’t have nice things — they usually devolve into petty complaining and bickering between neighbors. But on the plus side, this can also lead to some amazing unintentional humor.

Such was the case with an “I Love NE Minneapolis” Facebook group that went awry on Tuesday, when a self-proclaimed “competitive barefoot runner” took to the group to complain about acorns littered on sidewalks hurting his feet as he ran.

“So this is just a friendly reminder to keep your sidewalks clear of acorns and other debris that might injure those who are active members of the barefoot running community, including myself,” the poster wrote, in a screenshot tweeted by another group member, Alex Conover. “I would hate to have to complain to the city about this, so just wanted to give everyone a head’s up!”

Perhaps it was the ludicrous nature of the request in itself, or the thinly-veiled threat that followed it. But it goes without saying that the post was not well received with OP’s neighbors, who proceeded to ridicule him over it.

Via Twitter

Then OP jumped into the fray, and he was uh, not pleased that his request was not taken seriously.


As Conover pointed out however, this was not the first time OP made a splash in the group, with perhaps the most aggressive post about unicycling ever:

Something tells us this won’t be the last time OP runs afoul of his neighbors, but it sounds like he’s probably used to it by now.

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