Everything Single People Need To Know About Facebook’s New Relationship Status Tools


One of the agonies of modern romance is that when you break up with somebody, you don’t have a ton of options for filtering them out on Facebook. It’s either defriend them completely, or watch as they hook up with somebody else far too quickly for your tastes. Thankfully, Facebook has taken mercy on singles everywhere, and updated their relationship tools, some of which are a bigger deal than you might think at first glance.

The tools break down to three categories. The first is pretty simple; you can filter your ex out of your timeline to varying degrees, ranging from only seeing them when you go to their profile to simply filtering them out of your Newsfeed.

The second is a tool Facebook has been pushed to deploy for years: The ability to limit what your ex sees. That sounds minor, but if your ex is the angry type, or the outright violent type, the ability to control what they see is a pretty major plus.

The final one is essentially a past editor; you can go through individual posts and decide who sees them, either one by one or with a bulk edit of settings.

These are currently being tested out only in the U.S. and only on mobile. But for single people everywhere, the ability to lightly edit their past can’t come soon enough.

(Via Facebook Newsroom)

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