Fan-Made ‘Metroid’ Animation Will Have You Dreaming Of What Can’t Be

Nintendo’s habit of neglecting Metroid makes me sad. Sure, the series had a bit of a resurgence a few years back with the Metroid Prime games, but now it seems like Nintendo is once again content to do nothing with it.

The Metroid series not only deserves more games, it needs to break out! It’s actually the most mainstream-friendly series Nintendo has! A chubby, Italian, mushroom-obsessed plumber who harasses turtles or a hot chick in a robot suit who blasts aliens — which sounds like a more viable movie/TV series/anime concept?

Oh well. We’ll never get a real Metroid cartoon, but artist Dave Rapoza went and made a fantastic short Metroid animation that’ll get you dreaming of what will never happen. Hit the jump to check it out…

Welp, time to go dig out Super Metroid again.

via Destructoid