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Play With Leather Free Fantasy Football With Draftstreet And Win $250 For Week 6 |With Leather|

Rihanna’s Reveals “Talk That Talk” Album Cover, Becomes “Sexiest Woman Alive” |Smoking Section|

The 10 Most Disgusting Meals in Cinematic History |UPROXX|

‘Straight Outta Dunwoody’ Is The Hardest ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Parody To Ever Come Out Of Suburban Atlanta |UPROXX|

New ‘Justified’ Villains Cast! |Warming Glow|

JCVD & Hilary Swank: ‘Sorry for Partying’ |Film Drunk|

Reddit’s Jailbait Message Board Shut Down For Good, It Seems |UPROXX|

Jaleel White to Host Syfy Game Show |Warming Glow|

The Best And (Mostly) Worst Of WWE Raw 10/10 |With Leather|

Gang tries to kidnap Saddam look-alike to make porn |Film Drunk|

WTF, Japan? |GorillaMask|

Most Likely the Nerdiest Tattoo on the Planet |Unreality|

Wishlist: 12 Nominations for Future ‘30 for 30’-Style ESPN Documentaries |Brobible|

Star Wars Movie Poster Photoshop Contest Gets Strange but Funny Results |Technabob|

Fun with Penis Confusion: Comparing Alison Brie’s Cleavage to Joel McHale’s Buttcrack |Pajiba|

TV chef claims eating puppy meat is no worse than pork, and also likely to fetch more in the market |FARK|

Johnny Depp Probably Isn’t in ‘Hugo,’ and 6 Other Revelations from the Secret NYFF Screening |Moviefone|

10 Gimmick Characters that Made Pro Wrestling Even More Ridiculous Than It Already Is |Smoking Jacket|

VIDEO BELOW: “Milou the baby chimp living at Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, in Cameroon, likes to spin.” — BioTV

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