New ‘Far Cry 4’ Trailer Explains That An Elephant Never Forgets To Kill

The elephant is a noble, intelligent creature, and worthy of our respect. Because if you disrespect an elephant, it will end you violently and messily, as Far Cry 4‘s new trailer is happy to explain.

As you might guess, this one’s all about the pachyderms, as a kind, grandfatherly announcer discusses the history and biology of elephants. Until about fifty seconds in, when the elephants start kicking some ass, in a truly GIFable enterprise:

Let’s just say this is a trailer that knows its audience from a game company that knows what fans of the franchise are looking for. Far Cry 3 brought the cause of video game sadism to previously unforeseen heights: Everybody who played it cleared at least one base in the most sadistic way possible. Heck, I once cleared a camp by freeing a bear and picking off the snipers so it could eat the rest of the base in peace.

Far Cry 4 will take you to not-Nepal on November 18th on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Elephants will be included.