‘Far Cry 4’ Is Adding Yetis In Upcoming DLC, Because Of Course It Is

Far Cry 4 was solid fun, but a lot of fans have been wondering what kind of wacky DLC could be coming for the game. Far Cry 3 delivered the mind-blowing neon goodness that was Blood Dragon, so Far Cry 4 has some big crazy shoes to fill.

Well, Far Cry 4‘s latest DLC doesn’t quite measure up to Blood Dragon, but it does let you fight the friggin’ Abominable Snowman, so it’s got that going for it. In Valley of the Yetis, you’ll find yourself stranded in an isolated valley where you’ll have to deal with violent cultists and, yes, multiple yetis. Much like the main game, this DLC can be played with a friend co-op style.

Valley of the Yetis arrives on March 10.

Via Playstation Blog