‘F*ck That Alligator,’ Said A Texas Man Shortly Before Being Killed By An Alligator

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The first ever fatal alligator attack in Texas occurred last week at a popular swimming and drinking destination (two things that go great together, obviously), Burkhart’s Marina in Orange, Texas. While smaller, three to four-foot alligators are not an unusual sight in the area, employees of the marina had closed it for swimming after a 10-foot alligator had been spotted.

However, last Friday around 2:30 a.m., 28-year-old Tommie Woodward, who was allegedly intoxicated at the time, opted not to heed warnings and jumped into the water even after marina employee Michelle Wright begged him not to.

What happened next, reports Beaumont’s 6 News, was sadly avoidable:

“He said [blank] the alligators and thereupon jumped into the water,” Orange County Justice of the Peace Rodney Price said. Price said the 28-year old was almost immediately attacked and another young girl jumped in after him.

“Next thing I know this girl is screaming an alligators got him, an alligator’s got him and I grab a flashlight trying to zoom it over the water, trying to find him,” Wright said. “The next thing I know, I don’t even know how long it was, I saw his body floating face down and then he’s up there for a couple seconds and then he gets dragged back down and pulled off.”

If “f*ck the alligator” wasn’t already in the dictionary next to the entry for “famous last words,” I’m pretty sure it will be now.

(KDFM 6 News via Death and Taxes)

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