Federal Student Aid Is Now In the Business Of Sending Out Poorly Thought Out Tweets

Sometimes things get Tweeted and people instantly regret it. Normal folks do it all the time, but it becomes news when celebrities and companies do it. Why? Boredom probably, but I don’t know. I’m here to share content and have fun, hopefully.

Recently we saw that Delta Airlines should stop Tweeting and that Barack Obama at Chipotle can cause quite the stir (even if you’re being a sarcastic ass about it). Now FAFSA is getting in on the fun with a Tweet I’m almost positive was meant to be fun, but people are running to the outrage depot to unleash some hate.

I think the banner image I threw together is more offensive than that Tweet, but folks don’t think like I do. They’re tweeting their outrage at FAFSA and here are some examples:

Now as a former poor student myself, I can’t say I disagree with FAFSA’s sentiments here. It’s honest and funny. If I wasn’t poor, I wouldn’t need to use FAFSA to go to college and accrue massive amounts of crippling debt. I could have had my rich parents pay for it, join a secret society, probably flunk some classes while barely passing others, and then fall into being President of The United States.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda, right? But I used FAFSA. And I took out private loans. And I was poor. And I feel that not being able to laugh at the hardships of life is like not being able to enjoy a nice meal or embrace a moment in time for what it is. You’re out of touch.

Shouldn’t I be more outraged that the poor and sub-poor in this country are treated the way they are? How about one of the dozens of other things that are hurting and killing people? No? Well I guess I’ll go get my boss then so you can tell what a sh*tty job I did at Tweeting.