Finally, An Angry Birds Game For Everyone Who Hates Video Games

01.10.11 9 years ago

If you just love the video game Angry Birds, but can’t stand video games, then you’re in luck, because Mattel has converted it out of it’s convenient iPhone app form and into a bulky, physical game. Because that makes sense.

Yep, later this year, Mattel will be releasing Angry Birds: Knock On Wood, which lets players build plastic pig fortresses and knock them down with plastic birds flung from a plastic launcher. Now, the birds don’t have any of special features like laying eggs or exploding and you only get a limited number of pigs, eggs and building pieces in the $14.99 set. But still, wouldn’t you be willing to pay 15 times the price of the video game just to play a tiny portion of it in real life?

Neither would we.

Video of the game in action after the jump!

[Electric Pigs via Kotaku]

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