Finally, Here Is Everything That Is Wrong With ‘The Notebook’, Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

While women and men who love lying to women everywhere claim to love the classic romance film The Notebook, it is not a very good movie. Well, let me rephrase that – it’s a wonderful movie if you either believe in fairy tale romances or like laughing hysterically at movies that aren’t actually comedies. (I fall directly into that latter category, especially when it comes to the end of the film, because I’m a heartless dick.) Fortunately, two days before the most romantic day of the year for people who like chocolate and a week’s worth of undead flowers, the folks at Cinema Sins have brought us “Everything Wrong with The Notebook in 10 Minutes or Less.”

This is basically the perfect video for the heartless cynics out there who can’t see The Notebook for what it is – a story of love and romance across time – and instead see it as a boring excuse for girls to get really mad at their boyfriends for not being romantic. Damn you, Nicholas Sparks and Ryan Gosling. DAMN YOU.