FINALLY: Someone Made An 8-Bit ‘Titanic’ Video Game!

Maybe this isn’t the timeliest of 8-bit video game versions of movies, but if we had tried to turn Titanic into an 8-bit video game back in 1998, it wouldn’t have made any sense. We were barely a decade out of 8-bit stuff, so the “retro” feel hadn’t set in. There wasn’t even any YouTube! But if you’ve ever wished that you could make Titanic end differently than it did… well, that doesn’t happen in this video because this isn’t about time-travel, silly!

That boat will always sink. Jack will always be King of the World. Rose will never be able to make room on that door floating in the icy ocean. Never. It’s science.

Kind of a futile game, but it’s fun to imagine, and finally we can!

Source: CineFix