Finally, You Can Buy Underwear Pads To Snuff The Smell Of Your 'Gassy Emissions.' They're Like Maxi Pads For Farts.

Let’s just go ahead and award a Nobel Prize to whatever brilliant mind came up with the idea to sell these — maxi-pads for farts, essentially — on the internet…

Flat-D pads are disposable flatulence deodorizer pads that are placed on the inside of your underwear to mask the smell of farts…The pads use activated charcoal to disguise gassy emissions. There is also a flatulence deodorizing pillow.

No, this is not a joke — you can purchase the pads here. Paula Deen probably already has a case, at least, to snuff out her buttery toots, y’all!

And too bad this guy’s neighbor doesn’t wear these — life would be so much easier for him if he did.

(HT: Laughing Squid)