First Gameplay Footage Of ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Says Goodbye To Quick Time Events, Hello To Glowing Dots

03.21.13 6 years ago 6 Comments

You’re welcome Ellen Page pit stains fetishists. 

Quantic Dream’s upcoming title Beyond: Two Souls certainly looks intriguing — it’s got Ellen Page, and Willem Dafoe and ghosts and explosions! Woo! But how’s the game actually going to play?

Quantic Dream’s last game, Heavy Rain has been criticized for being basically one long quick time event, but Quantic founder David Cage has claimed the company’s new game won’t have any QTEs.

Well, we finally have gameplay footage of Beyond: Two Souls and the “no quick time events” boast appears to be only partly true…

Basically, the game has you moving around game environments freely with the left analog stick, and interacting with things with the right analog stick. Things you can interact with are indicated by small glowing dots, and you manipulate those objects by pushing the right stick in whichever direction seems logical. So you might push the stick forward to open a door, or pull back to open a drawer. Apparently this “fiddle with the right analog stick” control system is used for pretty much everything, even complex combat sequences.

So yeah, the control scheme is still highly contextual, but obnoxious flashing button prompts won’t be popping up on screen constantly any more, so that’s a big step forward for Quantic Dream. Check out nearly 10-minutes of Beyond: Two Souls footage below…

Still very much an interactive movie, but at least this time around it looks to be a good movie. Heavy Rain’s storytelling was groundbreaking in some respects, but pretty clunky in others — Beyond on the other hand looks pretty genuinely gripping.

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