Meme Watch: First World Dogs Need To Lick These Problems

A couple months ago First World Problems Cat introduced us to the daily injustices of being a pampered house cat. But the internet isn’t just about cats (although it is comprised of felines). We also love dogs in this here internets. This may be why the meme has gone to the dogs. People have recently revisited Quickmeme’s First World Dog Problems and expanded on the collection, with most of the images being created in the past few days. Unlike the First World Problems Cat, this First World Dog has some genuine grievances. Most of these dogs just want to be a loyal companion, but neglectful owners or general misfortunes make it rough. I just want to give them all belly rubs and real bacon. The maple kind.

We’ve collected some of our favorites in the slideshow below. All pictures courtesy of Quickmeme unless otherwise noted. Thanks to Pleated-Jeans for the heads up. But before we start the slideshow, here’s the ultimate first world dog problem:

Awww, poor guy can’t play with all the balls at the same time. Tragic. [via]