Five Teens Have Been Arrested In Connection With That Horrible Ice Bucket Prank On An Autistic Teen

Five Bay Village, Ohio teens between the ages of fourteen and sixteen have been arrested in connection with an awful ALS Ice Bucket Challenge prank in which they dumped a bucket full of feces, bodily fluids and cigarette butts over the head of a humiliated 14-year-old autistic boy. The prank was so despicable that Drew Carey even stepped forward to offer an award for their capture. Three of the boys have been charged with delinquency, assault and disorderly conduct, while the other two received only a charge of disorderly conduct.

“The victim and the five charged juveniles were and are friends and classmates. They regularly associate with one another and, at times, engage in distasteful and sophomoric pranks,” First Assistant County Prosecutor Duane Deskins, who heads the office’s Juvenile Division, said in a statement. “However, this incident is clearly different. It crossed a moral and legal line, and even the five alleged perpetrators understand that and have expressed regret.”

Being that the perpetrators were apparently close to the kid and it’s not like Bay Village, Ohio is a bustling metropolis, I have no idea why it took over a month to flush them out — since the story broke in early September. We’ve all done crappy things as kids that may or may not still stick with us today, and to be fair most of us probably haven’t dumped a bucket filled with sh*t on the head of an autistic kid. So I can’t even begin to imagine the guilt that will likely torment these kids for the rest of their lives.

(NY Daily News Via Gawker)