A Massive Foam Blob Erupted In Santa Clara And Fox News’ Shepard Smith Loved Every Minute Of It

If the constant news gathering regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks has become too much for you, never fear! The city of Santa Clara, California, located just southwest of San Francisco, is here to save the day. That, and Fox News presenter Shepard Smith, as he (and practically everyone else with a Twitter account) couldn’t get enough of a mysterious blob of foam that had consumed almost an entire building and several nearby streets.

“There’s fear, there’s widespread panic across America, that this could really swallow of all San Francisco,” Shepard joked. “So on the west coast, undulating foam, and on the east coast, [the Naked Cowboy] serenading the future president.”

Meanwhile, local Fox affiliate KTVU reporter Ann Rubin went on the scene in Santa Clara to film the slow-moving, foamy onslaught and interview emergency personnel and random bystanders. The news crew was told the foam “appears to be some type of fire retardant,” which began exiting the building at an alarming rate when the “fire system malfunctioned.”

A spokesperson initially told Rubin the “fire retardant foam” was “nontoxic,” which prompted one young and upstanding gentleman to ride his bike through the material:

Rubin subsequently interviewed the bicyclist, given name Blake Harrington, who said “someone had to do it.” He added: “We were on the other side and the officers over there were like ‘you should ride through.’ And I was like, ‘OK you guys don’t mind?’ So we decided to do it.” Unfortunately for Blake and the officers who egged him on, Rubin was subsequently told the material “might be toxic after all”:

Needless to say, Twitter couldn’t contain its glee at having the weekly Friday afternoon news dump being interrupted by a potentially hazardous outbreak of fire-smothering foam near San Francisco:

(Via KTVU and Shepard Smith/Fox News)