For Your Enjoyment, Here Is A Mash-Up Of Animals Dancing To Salt-N-Pepa’s ‘Push It’

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06.17.14 4 Comments

YouTube’s master of the mash-up, Robert Jones, is back with yet another instant classic, as he created this compilation of animals dancing to the 1987 Salt-N-Pepa hit “Push It.” Now, I don’t like to throw around the term “masterpiece” too much, because it devalues the world’s most important works of art, like “Hamster on a Piano” and goats screaming over Taylor Swift songs, but this might be Jones’s best work yet. Sure, I’ve said that every time that I’ve shared one of his videos, but I wouldn’t stamp my seal of approval on it unless I meant it. The fact remains that if you combine animals behaving adorably with any 80s music, you’re pretty much the best person in the world.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)

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