Even Fox News Is Making Fun Of George Santos Now, Complete With An Impersonator (And A Tucker Carlson Joke)

The avalanche of George Santos revelations and accusations has long been fodder for late night TV. A few weeks ago, multiple chat shows did the same thing: having some comic actor portray the noted fabulist, who last month was sworn in as a GOP representative after deceiving voters about, well, pretty much everything. Now, mere days after Santos got into a spat with Republican Mitt Romney, even Fox News is getting in on the action.

On his own late night ratings powerhouse Gutfeld!, Greg Gutfeld included a segment with multiple Santos jokes, although at least one was the expense of Democrats. He started by saying Santos “would definitely steal your mail and poop in your garden.” He added, “But compared to this current woke insanity, he looks like Mr. Rogers.”

Gutfeld then brought on comic Joe Machi, who did his own take on the guy accused of multiple dog-related scams. He asked about claims that he defrauded dog breeders.

“Consider the source, Greg,” Machi’s Santos said, with a gravelly voice that made him sound like Harvey Fierstein. “They make money off of dogs having sex. They’re the real golden retrievers.”

As for fellow lawmakers trying to get him removed from office, Fake Santos said, “They’re trying to get me fired? That’s like Tucker Carlson telling to stop sunning my testicles, Greg! The American people don’t care about me lying. They’re focused on the Super Bowl. Go Eagles.”

Okay, it’s not funny that even Fake George Santos is rooting for the birds. But even allowing a Fox News guest to drag Tucker’s weird testicle-sunning obsession is pretty ballsy for the network.

Yep, Gutfeld included a dig at the libs, but at least he’s acknowledging that Santos is not to be trusted. Baby steps! Also Gutfeld, the Fox News host with the best taste in music, was wearing a Cramps shirt. Welcome to the resistance, sort of.

(Via Mediaite)