GWAR’s Blothar The Berserker Brought Some Rare Moments Of Comedy To Fox News’ ‘Gutfeld!’

Conservative comedy has always had a problem with one major thing: being funny. Fox News’ attempts to create their own The Daily Show have been quickly cancelled disasters, and though the newish Gutfeld! — giving a platform to host Greg Gutfeld, who has usually either been one of the ensemble on The Five or consigned to the middle of the night with Red Eye — hasn’t been cancelled yet, the reviews ain’t good. But on Friday night’s show, a miracle happened: Something kind of funny happened.

One of Gutfeld’s guests that night was Michael Bishop, best known under his alter ego, Blothar the Beserker. Blothar is one of the current lineup in GWAR, the longtime metal band best known for their cool name as well as dressing up in ridiculous alien costumes and forging a bizarre backstory.

Gutfeld’s a big GWAR fan. He used to have Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus, who died in 2014, come on Red Eye with some regularity. When introducing Blothar, who appeared in costume, with huge horns, the host referred to the group as “the greatest heavy metal band of all time,” claiming they make “The Beatles look like four hacks with bad haircuts.” (Okay, though apart from arguably “Helter Skelter,” the Fab Four weren’t metal.)

This was Blothar’s Fox News debut, and his job was basically making Gutfeld and off-screen staffers laugh. He told his host that Oderus “spoke very highly of you, which wasn’t hard because he was always high.” He talked about how the band dealt with the pandemic, saying, “We were glad for the break so we didn’t have to be around each other. I don’t have to tell you about the smell of GWAR.”

Blothar also discussed their new tour, managing to sneak the words Napalm Death and Eyehategod onto Fox News.

Was this the most intentionally funny thing to ever appear on Fox News? Possibly not. After all, there are all those times Oderus appeared on Gutfeld’s other show, which aired while most of the country was sleeping. But it was a rare chance for the network to air something silly as opposed to emphatically spun nonsense intended to keep their older viewers in a constant state of paranoid agitation.

You can watch Blothar’s maiden Fox News voyage in the video above.

(Via Metal Injection)