Even Fox News Hosts Are Giving CNN Sh*t For Letting Trump Spew His Unfettered Tornado Of Lies On-Air: A ‘Complete Dereliction Of Duty’

You know the CNN town hall with Donald Trump went off the rails when even Fox News is slamming the event for failing to rein in the former president. During Thursday night’s episode of The Five, Jessica Tarlov unloaded on CNN and moderator Kaitlan Collins for basically letting Trump “orchestrate” the event. Even co-host Jeannine Pirro agreed that it was odd that the audience almost entirely comprised of MAGA supporters.

“[CNN] didn’t even have an undecided voter though,” Tarlov said. “They didn’t throw in an independent or someone who said, ‘I voted for you in 2016, but I didn’t in 2020 because of X, Y, Z reason. How are you gonna win back my vote?’ It was, A fanboy and girl session the entire time, which does benefit him.”

However, Tarlov saved most of her ire for Collins, who she slammed for a “complete dereliction of duty” by not fact-checking Trump.

Via Raw Story:

To the point about the fact-checking, I think that it is important to make sure that people at least hear some pushback, whether they actually process what it is that you said in response. That the truth does have to get out there. And there was such an incredible cascade of lies flowing out of his mouth from the border wall. He said, you know, ‘I secured the whole thing. It’s 1900 miles long.’ He did 52 new miles. The documents. ‘Obama took documents.’ Didn’t happen. ‘Joe Biden didn’t comply.’ Joe Biden did comply. Perfect phone calls with Brad Raffensperger and with Zelenskyy. That Democrats support infanticide. And Kaitlan Collins let that one go and I thought that that was a major losing moment for her.

Tarlov also took aim at the optics of Trump calling E. Jean Carroll a “whack job” to the tune of laughter from his “fanboy” audience.

“It was just appalling,” Tarlov said. “You are the network that fired Don Lemon for misogyny and then you have Donald Trump up there going after a victim of his in such a way?”

(Via Raw Story)