Frances Bean Cobain Is Attractive


Seeing that I’m old enough to remember when she was born, suddenly discovering today that I find Frances Bean Cobain quite attractive has me feeling kinda weirded out, but damn LOOK AT HER! She’s a beautiful young woman! The black and white pics above and below are from a Stereogum slideshow of the soon-to-be-19 Frances taken by Hedi Slimane. Considering how her father passed, is it a uncouth to note that she — looking a little goth and quite tatted up — has a distinct “Suicide Girl” look about her? Because she does! And it’s, you know, hot. All 26 shots cans be viewed here.

Now if we can just get her to take it a step further and go Daisy Lowe on us like a good rockstar’s daughter, that’d be great…

And if all this doesn’t cheer you up/make you happier today, go to a theater and see “Life In A Day.” I’m serious…

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