From T-Money To ‘Training Day’: 18 Times You May Have Seen Terry Crews On Screen And Not Realized It

When it comes to mesmerizing pectoral theatrics, there’s nobody in show business that can touch Terry Crews. Seriously, the Hollywood big shots couldn’t stop Terry Crews’ freakishly rhythmic pecs from taking over the entertainment industry if they wanted to. 2014 has so far been an excellent year for Terry. He’s got the incredibly over the top Expendables 3 coming out next month, it’s looking like he’s going to be the new host of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and let’s not forget, he’s in the best new comedy of last season, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. That’s not too shabby for a retired football player who got his start in the the entertainment industry by appearing on a wannabe version of American Gladiators called Battle Dome. (At that time he was known as “T Money.”)

What’s unique about Terry Crews’ showbiz evolution is that it wasn’t necessarily a defining movie or TV show that gave him his mainstream break. Yes, he was on the underrated Everybody Hates Chris for four years, but I’d bet that far more people know him from the brilliantly bizarre Old Spice commercials directed by Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim.

It’s actually kind of surprising that the world didn’t catch on to just how fantastic Terry Crews is much earlier. He can go from menacing thug to robot dancing thug to motorcycle-riding thug president of the future with ease and be great in each role. And I’m not even counting the roles that involve him singing — of which there are several. Even with all that pop n’ lock talent, it’s still a long climb to the top of the movie star kingdom and Terry Crews has had a lot of random parts.

Not that one needs a special reason to celebrate the filmography of Terry Crews, but with today being his birthday and Expendables 3 coming out soon, I thought I’d do a recap of some of his roles you might have forgotten about, ending just before the first Expendables in 2010.

1. Battle Dome, T-Money — 1999
“Episode 1.1”

2. The 6th Day, Vincent — 2000

3. Training Day, gang member — 2001

4. Serving Sara, Vernon — 2002

5. Friday After Next, Damon — 2002

6. Deliver Us From Eva, bartender — 2003

7. Malibu’s Most Wanted, 8 Ball — 2003

8. Soul Plane, flight attendant — 2004

9. White Chicks, Latrell Spencer — 2004

10. The Longest Yard, Cheeseburger Eddy — 2005

11. Harsh Times, Darrell — 2005

12. The Boondocks, various characters — 2005-2007
“Grandad’s Fight,” “A Date With the Health Inspector,” “Stinkmeaner Strikes Back”

13. The Benchwarmers, poker guy #1 — 2006

14. Click, singing driver — 2006

15. Balls of Fury, Freddy — 2007

16. Get Smart, Agent 91 — 2008

17. Terminator: Salvation, Capt. Jericho — 2009
(The only time we see Terry Crews in the movie is as a dead body on the battlefield.)

18. Gamer, Hackman — 2009

Not that I thought you forgot — because one doesn’t forget President Camacho — but it’s only fitting we end our Terry Crews roles recap with his greatest role.