Some Twitter Users Made Refreshingly Positive Jokes About Robert Pattinson Playing Batman

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The rumors are finally official. Batman is pregnant. Wait, no. Not those rumors. The other ones. Robert Pattinson is playing Batman in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Already there have been petitions against Pattinson’s casting that were assuredly started by people who are fun at parties. But many other people seem to have learned from previous examples of actors in Batman movies — like Michael Keaton and Heath Ledger — who were supposedly wrong for the part until people saw them on screen being totally right for the part.

Not everyone was angry about Pattinson’s casting. Some reactions to the news on Twitter have been refreshingly optimistic or just funny without any premature ire.

For example, some offered condolences:

Back when the rumors first started circulating two weeks ago, his fans quickly noted he’d made an “I’m Batman” joke years ago:

People were quick to point out Pattinson’s broodiness is an obvious match:

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And people who’ve noticed what he’s been in lately seemed assured, but people also looked way back on his Harry Potter days:

Others tried to guess what Pattinson’s Batman will look like:

While one person pointed out that foreign actors terk er jerbs:

More Twilight jokes were made:

Despite any silly petitions, many people seemed to be willing to withhold judgment:

Some were concerned for his safety:

And others kept their gaze aimed stolidly towards the future and all it may contain: